Modification to Approval Sought

By LakeCoal on May 22, 2014.


LakeCoal has lodged an application to modify the Chain Valley Extension 1 Development Consent (SSD-5465) to enable the construction of an underground linkage between the Chain Valley and Mannering Collieries and the use of the existing Mannering Colliery surface infrastructure to transport coal from Chain Valley Colliery to the Vales Point Power Station.  Approval of the application would enable the routine transportation of coal to Vales Point Power Station conveyor as opposed to by truck as is currently the case. The Statement of Environmental Effects can be viewed here.


A similar application has been lodged seeking approval to modify  the Mannering Colliery Project Approval (MP06_0311) and can be viewed here.


Both applications can also be viewed at the NSW Department of Planning and Environment website:


The applications are on public exhibition from 22 May to 10 June 2014. During the exhibition period, written submissions can be made to the Minister for Planning in the manner identified on the NSW Department of Planning  and Environment website.

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